Alex and Caufield mix and master music as

Songs we produced have featured on NPR Best Songs 2020, NME, The New Yorker, Stereogum, BBC6, The Guardian, Bandcamp Daily, NTS, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL, Tiny Mix Tapes, Gorilla Vs Bear, Pitchfork Selects, and more.

We’ve mostly worked within underground pop music and the punk matrix. We love all types of music - don’t hesitate to get in touch.


and Caufield were childhood friends in the deep labyrinthine suburbs of Austin, TX. They bonded over guitar-worship and home recording. From 2010-20, Alex found success as an art director and secretive technophile while Caufield cut his teeth as a serial band-starter and DIY recordist of the Boston underground. Now reunited in Texas, the duo finds themselves again as ~Melody Men~


Star Party | Meadow Flowers, mixed/mastered; Feel It Records 2022

Good Looking Son | Fantasy Weekend, mastered; Feel It Records 2021

Soul Patrol | Mara, vinyl remaster; Feel It Records 2021

Pontiac Stags | Nothing, mastered; Remove Records 2021

SPLLIT | Spllit Sides, mastered; Feel It Records 2021

Waste Man | One Day It Will All Be You, mastered; Feel It Records 2021

Spread Joy | S/T, mastered; Feel It Records 2021

Sweeping Promises | Hunger for a Way Out recorded, mixed, mastered; Feel It Records 2020

Sticker Shock | Free Food! No Disco! recorded, mixed, mastered 2020

Pleaser | Rose Ceremony recorded and mixed; Anxiety Pop, 2020

Lane | Permanent Daylight single mastered; Ilegally Blind Records 2020  

Dee-Parts | Collected Recordings
recorded, mixed, mastered; Disposable America 2019

Splitting Image | EP mixed/mastered; Illegally Blind 2019

Mini Dresses | Summer Recordings; Hot Sun; Post Office Girl; TWO; Emmi; Tom and I; THREE; FOUR; Sad Eyes EP; S/t LP; Heaven Sent All songs mixed and mastered; Manic Pop Records/Box Bedroom Rebels/Little Death Records/Joy Void, 2011-2019

Will Henriksen | Blue House;
Blank Space; Nothing Left Behind recorded, mixed, mastered (Sleeper Records 2017);  mixed/mastered 2018; mixed and mastered (Sleeper Records 2019)

Kathy Snax | The Spooks EP; Changeling // Winter’s Day
recorded, mixed, mastered 2018; recorded, mixed, mastered (Relief Map Records 2021)

Love Strangers | Strange Lovers recorded, mixed, mastered 2017

Blau Blau | Kiss Kiss mixed/mastered, 2017

Petra’s Room | EP recorded, mixed/mastered, 2016

Silkies | Like One EP; It Hurts to be Sixteen; Never Tell a Lie recorded, mixed/mastered; Heart Throb Records UK and Young Latitudes EU, 2012-13.

Future Museums | “Light Roots” recorded; from Tapestry of Time and Terrain, Fire Talk 2015


Monitoring & Power
  • ADAM Audio A5X / Sub8 Matched 2.1 Monitor System
  • Equator D5 Monitors
  • RME ADI-2 DAC FS 2-channel DA Converter (32-Bit, 768kHz Sample Rate)
  • PreSonus Quantum 2626 Thunderbolt 3 Audio Interface
  • Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80 ohm
  • Various Sennheiser Headphones
  • Furman PL-8C Power Conditioners


  • Audioscape Buss Compressor
  • Audioscape D-Comp Limiter
  • Drawmer 1973 3-Band FET Stereo Compressor
  • Eventide H3000se
  • FMR Audio RNC1773
  • BAE 1073MPL (x2)
  • TK Audio SP501 (x2)
  • Golden Age Pre-73
  • Handsome Audio Zulu Passive Analog Tape Simulator
  • Fostex R8 Reel-to-Reel
  • KNAS Ekdahl Moisturizer
  • Roland Space Echo RE-150
  • Mirano Echorex MK-101
  • Pioneer Hi-Fi Reverb

Various plug-ins by:
  • Goodhertz
  • iZotope
  • Klanghelm
  • LiquidSonics
  • Neunaber Audio
  • Waves

As much as we love collecting and using outboard gear and plug-ins, we follow the production credo:

It’s the ears, not the gear. 


︎  Individual Songs = $35
︎  Entire Album = $30 per song

Here are some things we can do to bring your unmixed tracks to life:

  • Adjust levels, panning, saturation, and FX to make your tracks sound balanced and compelling
  • Make precision edits of individual tracks and comp between alternate takes
  • Reamp individual tracks for heightened dimensionality (we have tape delays, spring units, and our “reverberant stairwell” that we have repurposed as a natural DIY reverb chamber)

We’re very open to ~creative~ mixing techniques. Bring us to your vision.


︎  Individual Songs = $35
︎  Entire Album = $30 per song

Here’s what we do to produce a polished master of your mixed tracks:

  • Align track sequences for smooth album flow, accounting for differences in playback mediums
  • Tweak gain and limiting levels for loudness and clarity; protect against peaks
  • Add saturation, distortion, and compression for glue and vibe
  • Modify stereo image for desirable listening
  • Deliver any bundle of destination formats that your project requires (streaming, tapes, vinyl, CD, etc.)

Right now we are only accepting digital files for mastering, but please do inquire about bouncing your tracks through tape machines, as we are expanding our collection...


︎  Let’s negotiate a lower rate if: 

  • You want us to mix and master your track
  • You have straightforward and short album with minimal tracking
  • You have an album prominently featuring longform ambient streams, drones, etc.
  • You’re a hardworking unsigned artist who has been adversely affected by the pandemic (no shows, venue closures, etc)