︎  Individual Songs = $35
︎  Entire Album = $30 per song

Here are some things we can do to bring your unmixed tracks to life:

  • Adjust levels, panning, saturation, and FX to make your tracks sound balanced and compelling
  • Make precision edits of individual tracks and comp between alternate takes
  • Reamp individual tracks for heightened dimensionality (we have tape delays, spring units, and our “reverberant stairwell” that we have repurposed as a natural DIY reverb chamber)

We’re very open to ~creative~ mixing techniques. Bring us to your vision.


︎  Individual Songs = $35
︎  Entire Album = $30 per song

Here’s what we do to produce a polished master of your mixed tracks:

  • Align track sequences for smooth album flow, accounting for differences in playback mediums
  • Tweak gain and limiting levels for loudness and clarity; protect against peaks
  • Add saturation, distortion, and compression for glue and vibe
  • Modify stereo image for desirable listening
  • Deliver any bundle of destination formats that your project requires (streaming, tapes, vinyl, CD, etc.)

Right now we are only accepting digital files for mastering, but please do inquire about bouncing your tracks through tape machines, as we are expanding our collection...


︎  Let’s negotiate a lower rate if: 

  • You want us to mix and master your track
  • You have straightforward and short album with minimal tracking
  • You have an album prominently featuring longform ambient streams, drones, etc.
  • You’re a hardworking unsigned artist who has been adversely affected by the pandemic (no shows, venue closures, etc)